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Desarmamento 70x50_LOW.jpg
Desarmamento 70x502_LOW.jpg

This month, the world celebrates Disarmament Week.

In partnership with local ONG Angola 2000, ISENTA launched an awareness campaign about the devastating impact guns have within the civilian population and the culture of violence that has been perpetuated for decades.

The campaign illustrates weapons that have been incompetently and ineffectually assembled.

The message:
War. It’s time we forgot how to make it.

Commemorating 20 years without war, Angola 2000 also partnered with Media Rumo, advertising on all communication platforms throughout Disarmament Week.

Advertising Agency: ISENTA , Angola
Creative director: Fernando Freitas
Art director: Fernando Freitas
Copywriter: Marcelo Coli
Production Company: IMAGO STUDIO
CGI Artists: Guilherme Duarte e Rodrigo Gomes
Post-production: George Rutherford
Account Manager: Antônio Páscoa
Approval: Cirilo Mbongue

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